• What are SWL and SF for FIBCs

    What are SWL and SF for FIBCs

    People have to take seriously with workplace injuries. Non-fatal workplace injuries and diseases with employees take place every day in all over the world. Fortunately, in industries which use FIBCs, also known as bulk bags, big bags with strictly SWL help to reduce the rate of workplace injuries...
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  • Why are FIBCs widely used?

    FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bulk bags are made of woven plastic fiber-usually known as polypropylene which has many advantages like incredible strength, durability, resistance, flexibility and recyclability. Jumbo bags are in high demand due to the vari...
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  • How Much Does a Bulk Bag Load?

    Bulk bags, also known as jumbo bags, super sacks, big bags, have been used for decades of years. They are widely used in a range of industries and brought incredible benefits. When people choose the bulk bag, they have to figure out how to calculate the bag’s capacity to meet their demands. A bul...
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